Many around me think I am a funny guy with a great sense of humor,
you know the one who knows how to cheer everyone. They also realize
that I can really get involved in what I undertake.

Needless to say, that my family is my greatest pride, my harem
as I call them. Three daughters, it’s certainly no easy ride.
Since I’ve been married for 11 years (to the same lady),
I like to think that it shows how important it is to me
that all my contracts need to be based on the values of trust,
moral commitments, stability, and respect.

Relying on my 8 years’ experience in car sales, I can assure
you that honesty is my best friend. I realized that what I enjoyed
the most in my job was dealing with PEOPLE.

I love real estate, discovering, visiting, and evaluating houses.
I always try to find the property that meets the needs of my clients.
It was always innate in me, deep-rooted.
“To each, his own… House.”


It’s my JOB to find it for you!